Fear is a Paralytic

If  have ever wondered how many times the bible says fear not it’s about 300 to 365 times.  Why would that be? I think that it is to remind us to live everyday fearlessly.  If you ever take the time to look back on you life pay attention to the decisions you made from a place of fear.  It maybe that you stayed in relationships you shouldn’t have because you were afraid your life wouldn’t be the same.  You may have not gotten the help you needed because you were afraid of judgement or  consequences.  Whatever it maybe, in  some way it paralyses your ability to keep moving forward and your feet remain stuck.  Ultimately, we know intellectually the right things to do but choose the path of least resistance.  In doing so we realize that in the short-term it works but the long-term effects are devastating in fact in gets worse.  Avoidance is like covering up a deep wound with a band-aid.  The avoidance I believe is rooted in fear….fear of the unknown. Fear that the outcome is gonna be bad…really bad. However,  how many times has this happened in your life and things turned out completely different, far from what you expected??  You see if you push past the fear it may show you what needs to change in you.  I really believe we spend so much time telling others what to do in a situation without ever recognizing that the lesson in fact, maybe for you.  It is a spiritual journey not a physical one.  Every person that crosses your path has a purpose, probably to help you get to the next level.  What fires have erupted in your life?  It reminds me of Moses and the story of the burning bush.  Is God simply trying to get your attention??  What fires are burning in your life that God is only using to get your attention not punish you, but show you what needs to change in you.  The fear of all the what if’s are taking up all the space in your mind.  At the bare minimum ask your heavenly father “what are you showing me or teaching me about me?”  It’s easy to point and say “no you’re the problem”!  Sometimes its you.  When you smell smoke call for help. Don’t wait for everything to burn down there is no need.  We have been told over 300 times to fear not……probably a fear not per day.  The only decision to make sometimes is to take the first step. Painful, broken, disgusted, dismayed have the courage to take one step.  If we truly trust God is in control and is not against us……why fear??

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