I recently learned that thistle is actually a very attractive purple flower. Until this point I always thought it was that irritaing wooly flower that sticks to your clothes or dogs hair if you own one. I learned that the hairly wooly part of the flower is to protect itself from insects much like the way we build walls to protect ourselves. If no one knows the real you all they’re left with is the image that your life appears perfect. Not so, you see the wall was created by the thistle that got stuck to us. These are the parts of your past that you refuse to release. Well, here’s the choice you either build up a wall so high no one can see you need help, or reach out and start picking off all the parts of your past that really have nothing to do with your today. Surrender is hard work. Changing how you see you life is hard work. I really beleive that if the change starts with you. There is an opportunity to change what’s around you. The key is it starts with you. Surround yourself with people who can appreciate your circumstance. There are people who have been where you are right now. So some walls may need to come down….isolation never works. If your not right on the inside how can you counsel yourself? If you don’t change, how can you influence what’s surrounding you? Decide to renovate, picking off the thistle one by one so that you see a new road ahead of you….instead of traveling on a road that leads to a dead end…..the past is dead. So work to creating a better tomorrow. ….just a thought.

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