Are You Here???

How many times in a day do you think about what has already happened?? How many times a day do you worry about what may or may not happen?? My point is this we are either living here or there. So my question is are you here?? Are you living in the moment because the moment is here right now? I have learned it is ok to feel the feelings have been generated from something that has already passed. Past is past tense. So I allowed myself to feel disappointed , upset, dismayed and then I let it go. I wonder if not allowing myself to feel those things have in some way caused resentment. How you may ask… trying to stuff it down and just saying get over it. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t get over it….I am saying feel it the pain all of it then release it. All I can say for myself it that it washed something off of me. I’m not sure but I believe its a form of surrender. The past is just that a moment that passed. I may have been wrong they may have been wrong but I know it has brought me to this point ……to let it all go. Let go allow life to happen and unfold don’t wait for it dont judge it don’t analyze to death. Sometimes letting it die allows space for you to live right here right now. Look back on your life and on the situations that consumed your now. Is it or was it worth it? Enjoy what is in front of you now….its a skill. If you only live between what was and what is to come, then how can you be here?

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