Its Already Ready……Are You??

Patients is a virtue. …ugghhh how many times have you heard that??? Over the past few years I really needed to apply this concept into my everyday. I believe over time you to will learn this as well. However the biggest lesson that took a long time to sink in is that i don’t have to strive to be blessed. For the longest time I walked around thinking if I just to this or that maybe something will come my way. I was using a legalistic way of thinking to achieve connectedness to God. Yes , there are laws and rules we must obey and these are simply boudaries that have been set to protect is not rob us of fun or joy etc. We are connected by grace and saved by grace. If we can really get that into the essence of who we are the struggle somehow lifts bit by bit. In time you will not only feel it but you will see with your human eyes that you do not have to bless yourself. Your life has been preparing you for it NOT the other way around. You will not be able to explain any of it because it will be something the defies all logic and will go against the grain of anything you thought. I really believe if you stay on your path and wait patiently God will do mind blowing things in your life in fact he will put you in close proximity to someone sometimes so you to can see his greatness. That shows me if he did that miraculous thing for them…..he will do it for me too. So no sense on being jelous . Be happy for people because all he is showing you is that he is in you neighborhood. Who knows how many seconds your away from your delivery??……rest in the fact that he is preparing YOU for it…..because IT is already ready….BE STILL and Know……

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