It Doesn’t Matter where it came From

Whenever I was challenged with difficulties I was always convinced it came from the enemy/devil. Other times, I would spends hours or days trying to figure out if it was God or the devil. The conclusion I came to was that it didn’t matter because the truth of the matter is that God is in full Control!!! It brings me back to the book of Job 1:7-9 “The Lord asked satan, where have you come from?. From roaming the earth satan answered “and walking around in it.” Then the Lord said to satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?” The coversation always blew my mind a little bit. Look at how God basically told him who to attack. The flip side to that is that God put something very strong inside of Job…..Integrity! Despite all the hardship, he endured and believed God. Was it easy? Absolutely NOT….but he kept walking… So I’ve tried to stop figuring out where it comes from. Now I just trust God is in full control. The good the bad and the ugly. From that I learned not to fully understand but trust that he sees it all. We learn to be faithful, wiser and more connected to our creator. If it didn’t kill you I’m sure you are stronger in spite of it all….refuse to sink!

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