Life and Logic Are Like Oil and Vinegar

I spent years analyzing life. Looking at every detail trying to make sense out of it all. To my surprise it didn’t work out so well because everytime I thought I knew, something would shift and the whole process started all over again. Only this time I had so many more questions than answers. Life simply does not make sense sometimes. It’s a difficult task to let go of thoughts or ideas and surrender. Surrender is learning to be comfortable without knowing all the answers all the time. If we rely on logic alone confusion and frustration set in all to quickly. Learning to appreciate every event or action was to break off the old and rebuild something new. Reflection for me is not so much about why anymore, as much as it is ….wow! Look how far I’ve come in spite of. Ezekiel 36:9 revealed some amazing things to me. Yes it speaks if destruction but why so much destruction? In order to build something new not renovated but NEW , old things need to be dug out new seeds applied and watered. What Im trying to say is all the circumstances are to initiate change in you. Not to harm you to bless you, change you, transform you. Turn to your heavenly father for answers he will reveal it over time. By the way if you ever read Ezekiel 36:9 count how many times God says…I WILL! If you will he will…..don’t waste time making sense of the details because HE WILL…… just look back and see how many times he already has…..God bless!!!!

2 thoughts on “Life and Logic Are Like Oil and Vinegar

  1. I will is a sure Promise that he will


  2. That’s a really encouraging post! Thank you! 🙂 Yes, it’s a good reminder to look back at all God has done for us. Sometimes when mired in our own thoughts we forget this very thing. I will reflect on how good God is, has been and will be to me. ❤


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