Your A Piece of the Puzzle

       Im not sure if yourself have ever asked your this question….why am I here???  I think this question has a tendency to pop up on our darker days.  It has been said that we are of one mind, one family, one kingdom.  If this is so, then what part of the puzzle are you  holding to contribute to the bigger picture.  We have each been given a talent/gift, it may take time to figure out what that gift is and please keep in mind that these are spiritual gifts.  Knowledge, wisdom, teaching, faith, are just a few.  In order to figure out your gifts you need to spend sometime in self reflection.  Go back over your life a think about the times someone has told you…Your really good at that.  Its just one example, but think about things you enjoy to do that comes “naturally” to you.   These might be the hints that your getting slowly over time; to guide you to your destined purpose.  Please keep in mind its not only about you but your contribution to this one family.  Matthew 5:15 ” No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket.  Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.”  What gifts are you hiding? What gifts are you afraid to use and more importantly; where is that fear coming from?   In life you need to take chances, stepping over fear and doing it anyways is courage. Your life matters!   Are you looking to see where your piece of the puzzle fits?  As the picture comes together we have a visual that in some kind of way we truly are all connected don’t let the candle burn out never knowing…..use your piece.

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