Are We too Wise for Our Own Good

We all know that words have power they can build a person up or break them down.  What category do you fall into?  When someone comes to you for advise do you judge them and tell them how it ought to be done (from your viewpoint)? Or do you look at the situation from various angles?  I think that in order to give someone wise advise, it should be done after you have look at the situation in it’s totality.  So where does this wisdom come from and do you think it comes from you? James 3:17 “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; the peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere”.  We have been give a few clues in this verse  wisdom  comes from heaven first and that it’s the purest form of all… I get the sense that we are being given direction to seek God first.  Sometimes when someone asks me for advise I quickly ask God/ Holy Spirit  to direct my thoughts.  I do this because in reality I really don’t have an answer.  What I believe is that when we lean in on God for direction we are humbling ourselves before him understanding that is he the source of all things told and untold the ultimate wisdom.  I think that in our humanness  we have a tendency to be very quick to answer someone maybe under pressure or maybe a secret pride is lurking in us that says ” well this easy and I know just what you need”.  Never be too quick to answer a question speed doesn’t necessarily ensure accuracy.  Think before you speak because words have power and you never know who’s ego your feeding versus spirit.  The goal here is to grow the spirit not the ego so proceed with caution. Who enjoys a bad piece of fruit anyways??? PS please feel free to leave a comment you never know how your words may encourage to build someone else up!!!

2 thoughts on “Are We too Wise for Our Own Good

  1. It’s very wise to ask God /the holy spirit to help when being asked for advice. Maybe even asking God himself for his leading before even asking someone for their advice too. It’s so easy to go to people as it’s immediate and sometimes may even go to people who will cater to our feelings/what we want to hear. The great thing about going to God is that He will give you what you need and do it with grace and love. I try and be more like him but sometimes it’s hard. I want to be more like Him. Thanks for your posting and thoughts. ❤


    1. Sometimes we lean on people when we should rely on God……so sometimes prayer is a simple as please send me wise counsel. Seek ye the kingdom of God first…..

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