The Courage to Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is a big deal to God. Often times, we associate the concept of forgiveness t only forgiving others. Has it ever crossed your mind that there are times when we need to forgive ourselves? I don’t believe our loving father wants us to live in our past and continuously beat ourselves for our mistakes. I do believe that he convicts us so that we course correct and many feel that this is punishment. Is this true? When our children come to us with a problem/mistake that they made do we beat them endlessly? Do we deliberately cause doubt and confusion for them? Or do we try to steer them in the right direction so they have to tools to course correct? I think the answer for most is yes. So why would a loving God punish you? Remember he is a loving God. Any voice that comes to your mind, you need to question. The voice of God convicts you but does not condemn you, he is an encourager that wants to to correct your mistake, not for you to kill yourself for it. I want you to be aware that any thought that robs your peace IS NOT the voice of God, it is the enemy; and the enemy wants you to doubt, robs your peace and most importantly wants to rule in your mind so you lose faith not only in God; but in yourself. The enemy wants you to believe you are punished and will never be forgiven. If you KNOW your God then how is it we fall prey to this idea? Ephesians 4:32 “All who are in Jesus are freed from condemnation.” 1 Timothy 1:15-16 ” We are meant to display the mercies of God as sinners forgiven of their sins.” Those are just two examples but they are significant. I also ask, if you can not forgive yourself how can you truly forgive others? I’m not suggesting that forgiveness is a get out of jail free card and to continue in sin; but when you know better, do better. That is the point. The expectation is that we learn from our mistakes and not to continue in them. So if you have confessed your sin and changed your ways, why are you still a slave? If you continue this way does it not make the crucifixion pointless? Please understand the reason Christ died for us was for the forgiveness of our sins. We are not to continue in sin once we are aware of it, and we should not behave like Christ’s work on the cross was in vain. We are to extend forgiveness to others as the father has forgiven us, and that includes forgiving yourself. Either we believe in a loving forgiving father who has saved us by grace and mercy, or we don’t. This is the point of the gospel it was the movement from law (boundaries to protect us), to grace a gift from God that we accept in faith. Feed the voice that feeds you, not robs you of your peace. Take courage to accept God’s loving gift to you. Have a blessed day…..refuse to sink.

PS this one is for you sorella with love….xo


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