Going Back to School

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written a post. Sometimes there’s a struggle about what to say and whether or not what your saying is having any impact. I took time off to reflect taking a step back to assess how far I’ve come. Sometimes you need to look into new ways or ideas to keep pressing forward. A common theme that kept coming to me was the renewing of your mind. Getting stuck in thought patterns that basically take you no where and in fact, causing you you to stagnate, making no progress. Making a decision is a big deal and the thoughts about making real change can feel overwhelming. Many people have said to start with one small step which sounds so mundane. The thoughts that generally take us under are “how am I gonna get this done?!”. If we focus all our energy on the end result that alone will cause us not to move at all. The thoughts of how, when, where, and with who are enough to pull you under the current. When looking at this paragraph I have already used the word thoughts four or five times. So how does this thought pattern form to begin with. Are we spending too much time looking at past failures, and have developed and emotional response that pains us to the point we decide not to move forward ( not moving forward is also a decision). Are we waiting for someone to give us permission or constantly checking stats to validate us, making sure people are “following us”? Sometimes you need to go back to school ( not in the literal sense) go back and investigate when and where we gave up on an idea/dream. Go back and determine if your decision was an emotional one. Go back and ensure your perception is correct. What if you simply weren’t seeing things clearly and now that you have had some time you can go back and look through a clear lens. What if you were freaking out because of what someone said or did? What if you were operating from a place of not feeling worthy, or not being good enough…...what if.what if.….what if. What if you simply said I’m gonna get up again, and do it again so I can walk away knowing at least I tried. Romans 12:2 ” Do not conform to the patter of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.” So let’s break that down in simple terms. Don’t fit in where your supposed to stand out, make a decision to re-assess life through a clear lens and THEN you will see a shift in your life. We know the concepts we just have it backwards. We generally want the THEN to happen first and then change our mind……that simply won’t happen. So take a time out, or what I call going back to school, to ensure the lies you tell yourself are not truths. May you all have a blessed day and the eyes to see that you already are………just a thought

2 thoughts on “Going Back to School

  1. Thank for a great reminder, sometimes we need that to get us on the right track and to renew our mind daily


    1. thanks norma i hope it helps….we all need that reminder sometimes


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