Don’t Forget to Turn on the Light

Ever wonder why you feel like Jeklyll and Hyde on the inside. You know those moments where your feeling okay one second and miserable the next. There are two sides to our humanness light and dark. Actually, let me correct that our flesh (dark) and our spirit (light). Its so funny how many times we bow down to the dark. I think these are the moments we give into the flesh. Why do we do this continuously and so quickly forget who we really are and who we really belong to?? Interestingly enough, I came across a passage in John 1: 4-5 “In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome.” What are the things we have buried ourselves in so deeply and truly believe about ourselves. The voices in our minds screaming out, you deserve that, this is a good as its gonna get, and your prayers are useless. The amount of time we spend in that space brings us down into the abyss of darkness. Whether it be pride, resentment, unforgiveness, what are these dark moments trying to teach us. If Christ came into the world as the light and the life, and we are created in God’s image what exactly is the problem here? Resisting life as it unfolds causes us to suffer, if Christ came to save us (and he did), do we interpret that as , my life is easy coasting and problem free? We weren’t promised a problem free life and that everybody would like us….not everybody liked Christ John 1:11 ” He came to his own home, and his own people received him not.” In spite of all that the son still obeyed his heavenly father, he still healed , loved, forgave inspite of the dark that tried to surround him because he knew who he was , and who he belonged to….don’t forget that at your core you are light. Do not forget who you belong to and more importantly don’t forget to turn your lights on. A light can get brighter but the dark always stays in the same state. When light comes in the dark really has not options left. May your day be filled with peace and blessing!!

1 thought on “Don’t Forget to Turn on the Light

  1. Amen, hope we will all remember that when the darkness comes


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