Running on Empty, Stop and Fill your Tank

It seems there are days that feel like your running on an empty tank. In some way we manage to get through it….I think that’s grace. Just when you think you just can’t ,you look back almost in disbelief that it got done. I wonder sometimes if that’s the spirit pushing and nudging you along. Those times when you think if one more thing goes wrong and it does, you still managed to finish. Look back over your life just to review those moments because there is something in those moments that tells you there is more….. Romans 8:37 “we are more than conquerors through him that lived us.”. So if our heavenly Father tells us we are conquerors, what pulls us down to believe this is it? It is what it is. I guess there isn’t much more than this. Thoughts can be a dangerous thing, we eat them continuously and if we are not careful we develop an attitude that works against us, we are believing fake news. Read a verse even if just one and fill your tank…if you can’t believe God who are you going to believe?

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