Tangled in the Spiders Web

So here we are 36 days into the new year and I haven’t written a thing. Some days seem much harder than others. In someway, I got my wheels stuck in neutral and started spinning. It took this many days to figure out that I too get stuck in a spiders web. Getting to caught up in situations or circumstances that I really have no control over. I had to ask myself some tough questions “Do you really believe what your writing or are you getting caught up in what your seeing?” ” Do you have the faith you claim you have?” At some points it totally felt like a faith crisis. I heard the most interesting story of Moses. It explained how he had dropped the first set of the ten commandments that God himself had carved out for him to deliver to the people. When he came down the mountain he saw his people dancing around a golden calf, he dropped the tablets. It went on to explain that he dropped them because he lost his focus and paid far to much attention to what he was seeing. So it gave me pause. I too lost my focus not spending time in my writing. I don’t take credit for the writing because I know that the ability to do so was given to me… a gift. I came to realize I too dropped the tablets. The only thing I can say is do your best not to tangle yourself in the spiders web of thought; because the truth is, it’s just a thought. The truth is we are told to walk by faith not by site. The truth is God has it all under control. The truth is we are all gonna be okay one way or the other.

3 thoughts on “Tangled in the Spiders Web

  1. Thank you Sistet.
    I encourage you to continue
    Writing,because you inspire us.


  2. God as a plan for your Sister
    Keep the Faith


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