Do You Need an Accountant?

Life is full of checks and balances, up and downs, mountains and valleys .  So many times if feels as though there is this cloud over us, trying to pull us down from our mountain tops.  I’m not sure about you but if I stay in that headspace a little too long it stirs up all kinds of strife in my mind.  It’s as if it happened all over again, despite the fact the story might be 20 years old.  Crazy isn’t it??  In those moments it’s important for me to weigh out my assests and liabilities.  The storms, circumstance, mental or physical anguish I like to call the liabilities ( in disguse).  The assests, I consider to be the things you learn about yourself along the way.  If you go back in your life especially the darkest of times, how did you come out on the other end??

   That fact is, you didn’t just survive.  You grew along the way,  painful as it was.    You are stronger, wiser, insightful or closer to God because of it.  Or it has broken something off of you that has grown you to the point that you can sit and listen to another person with more patients and compassion.  Or, even a step further you can now pass on how not to do it , so that others outcomes are better.  At the end of the day your assests will out weigh your liabilities.  Remember to check your books your might be richer than you think….praise God for growing you up!!

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