Stop Hating…..Start Praying!

A scripture I’ve been thinking about….2 Corinthians 10:4 “for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God for the pulling down of stronghold”. I had to sit with this and digest it a bit. What I believe it is saying here is there are areas we can not fix alone. That’s why the battle is not ours. If the weapon is not physical then it is spiritual. There is a spirit that works through all of us some good some not so good. If you are as old as I am you will remember cartoons… angel on one shoulder and a devil in the other. Watch the one you feed. For the people in your life who have hurt and disappointed you the most start praying for them. You see they may be feeding the wrong voice and not realize it. Pray over the spirits that are working through them. This may be manipulation, fear, pride, envy and so in. Pray over all of them and pray it in Jesus name that they be healed. You see the enemy likes to hit you through them and try to knock you out. The devil is a LIAR. He is also a negative spirit. Joyce Meyer said it well stop hating people and start hating the enemy. There is power in these prayers. If our weapons are spiritual no need to feed the enemy. CUT HIM OFF! God tells us that we should fear not he will fight the battle. The battle is not what you do see but what you don’t see. He instructs us to go to the quiet place and bring our problems to him. You may feel like a wimp in the physical but know you are strong in the spirit. He tells us we have been given the spirit not of fear and timidity. So live and love strong…..because no weapon formed can win…..believe it strong and you will receive it strong! Keep your faith not in man but God and when the fire is over know that you are more than a conquerer and know that you may feel mocked. …but as he tells us my word NEVER comes back void and I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!…..STOP HATING START PRAYING!

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