God will Not Waste my Pain

Today I listened to a video and the challenge was to write a 6 word story. What is your 6 word story?? I listed a few of my own some are what I have heard and will repeat. Your tears are not for nothing. I am protected by God’s hand. I was created to be prosperous. I am Child of powerful God. What is your 6 word story that you tell yourself?…My last one. ……I will NOT die like this…..because. ….I am more than a conquerer… write down your 6 words…..and refuse to sink today, forever

2 thoughts on “God will Not Waste my Pain

  1. Thanks Sonya. I needed to be reminded of God’s victory in my life/over my soul. Had a challenging day today and this uplifted me to write these down. 6 letters for you: May God bless you/keep you.


  2. This is awesome and something to really ponder:
    I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Never give up He loves you.
    He will use me to love.
    The enemy has tried but failed.
    You’re better than a Spice Girl. ❤


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