It was Given to you on Credit

How many times have you been upset for doing good? Spent days or hours being upset about it because somewhere you feel a little ripped off. It took me a while to think this onbe through. Grace is giving you something you don’t deserve. The way God gave up his son for us was grace. He covered our sins/ or mistakes essentially traded spots with us to show how much he cares for us. We understand now that we are saved by grace. He held back what we would have deserved and gave a gift that we did not deserve. So for me that means when we do good that is also grace working through us. It’s not natural to give time or forgive or help someone out when you had nothing to do with that mistake. So when we do help that is the gift of grace working through you. Often times we look up and say do you see all I’ve done here??? I’ve learned that in those moments it wasn’t me at all. The credit always goes back to God. That is the spirit of God working through you and that is truly a gift. When a gift is given to you it is meant for you to share it not keep it. So the next time you get upset be grateful for the gift that he gave you. I know it takes time to work your head around this one a little bit. I now understand it was given to me on credit. That’s why it better to give than to recieve….and the glory of it all always goes back up to our heavenly father. You are saved by grace and mercy not good deeds alone. Be grateful that he chose you to work through you to touch someone else…..its an honour not a weight around your neck.

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