Time to Take a Bath

Have you ever wondered what God is trying to wash off of you? Today when reading 2 Kings chapter 5 it speaks of a powerful man named Naaman. He was chief amd commander but had a problem he had to hide…he had leprosy. Back in those days this was a big deal because people where not allowed to be with “clean” people. He was given clear instructions on how to deal with the issue and basically developed a bit of an attitude. Eventually he did as he was told…..to go and dip in the jordan 7 times and he was cleansed. This is the coles notes version. What is God trying to wash off of you? Pride, envy, spite, anger, and the list goes on. What I’m trying to say is turn to God he is the only one who has the answers. Are you humble enough to ask? Are your eyes open enough to see what you need to change about you and not point fingers? If things seem out of joint in your life humble yourself and ask “what are are you trying to wash off of me?” If he did for Naaman he will do it for us! So the problem really isn’t the problem. It’s simply the tool he uses to get your attention because he cares enough to bathe you.

2 thoughts on “Time to Take a Bath

  1. Sure. Sometimes we need to take the speck out of our eyes. Powerful message

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  2. Love these reflections girl! 🙂 We need to work on our own backyards fer sure!


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