Wash Your Brain

Im always amazed at the competing thoughts that go through your mind in milo seconds. Its as though your mind is being bent or pulled in two seperate directions. There is the inner ears and eyes that give you one message. In the same moment your looking around you seeing something very different. These are the times we need to make a choice. Somedays are just plain hard. ….and you feel as though your fighting in your own mind to push through it. These are the days I have to take my head off give it a good wash and screw it back on. Re -assess what is around you and ask…..am i just making a big deal out of nothing. Most times you will see there is actually nothing going on your mind is just running on a treadmill really going no where. Don’t get trapped in your mind. You see your thoughts may be the problem. It may just be me but it’s those things from the past that creep in, I beleive to throw you off balance. Stop looking back….you don’t constantly look in the rear view mirror when you drive. So why do that with life…..look forward and pray for a new perspective. In every situation there are positives and negatives and you become what you choose to focus on. You would never take hard earned money and invest in a stock that is tanking…….never!!!!!! However we have no problem with doing that with life???!! Choose truth because everything else is just fog trying to stop you from going to what is already yours!! You decide how you want to see or think…and yes that is a choice. How much precious time are you willing to pay to stay in neutral?

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