Tree Trunks

Looking at a huge pine tree today I realize it resembles a huge family.  You see the trunk holds up the whole tree and larger branches support all the tiny branches that shoot off of it.  It reminds me of the scripture that speaks of the vine and the branches.  All the branches are connected to each other and none of them stand alone. They support one another.  It truly reminded me that this is what the family of God looks like and perhaps how we should be relating to one another as a support network. If we are created in the image of God how well are we doing with supporting one another.  I believe that the people we encounter are the opportunities that are given to us to support or encourage another.  It’s not all about you and your own goals; rather using the piece of the puzzle you were given to lend a hand to another.  We are all connected and nothing happens by mistake.  If we return ourselves to our heavenly father and seek him diligently he will show us the way and show us our divine purpose; and no its not all about you.  Learn to use your inner senses not to miss your opportunity to help another person. I’m sure that if you ask you will be surprised who is sent your way and when they do come your way praise your heavenly father for using you as a part of his plan for the greater good of his family/kingdom.  The rewards are greater than anything you can image…..this is something that money will never buy!!

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