Some Turnips Fall Off the Truck

Have you ever wondered why some people are in your life? Have you ever wondered why God put someone in your life and then takes them away??  It made me think of the passage John 15:2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. The season of pruning can be one of the most painful confusing experiences you have….or at least for me.  I’m now starting to understand the some people leave because their devine purpose in my life has been completed.  It’s hard because sometimes we simply don’t understand why they showed up in the first place.  Other times there are people who are closest to you that create the most pain for you.  I’m now starting to see it from a different perspective.  Some of the issues are to wash your ego and help you grow in your relationship with   Christ , after all we claim it’s the most important relationship.  When application of the theory is put to the test it can be extremely challenging, sometimes like nails being drilled through your skull.  Sometime we have to let go of ideas, relationships, and our will.  We need to let God choose and we need to pray that he gives us the ability to see our lives in the right perspective.  There are people that God will remove I think sometimes just to test our faith.  So I was thinking that some turnips need to fall off the truck.  If there is rotten fruit in your life  God will let it fall away to grow you (purge you)  We all know that if you leave good fruit beside bad fruit contamination spreads.  If God is cleaning up your fruit,  pray for the strength to let the fruits fall off the truck and keep walking in faith that God is preparing you for greater things…..all he asks us for is FAITH!!

1 thought on “Some Turnips Fall Off the Truck

  1. Wow any powerful message. It is very difficult to let go sometimes of people who have no purpose in our life.


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