Diaper Rash

There are many days when we focus on all that we don’t have. Many times when we are frustrated with where we are in life and we analyze it to death. We sit for days ,hours, weeks and months trying to sort out where we went wrong. I think that it’s possible that we are operating from a place of emotions and that is the place we get caught. It’s like being wrapped in cob webs. It’s the place that tells you, it is what it is ,so stop trying ,stop believing and just quit already. In an odd kind of way it starts to become comfortable because it is the place we justify not only our feelings but our actions. Maybe it’s just me but at those darkest times there is the small voice that says….keep going one more step just breath its ok. I like to call this the diaper rash phase …..the place where you make a decision. I keep the diaper on till the skin is gone…..or remove it wash up slap some zinc oxide cream on and keep moving. If God says there is more I choose…to believe or I don’t ……sometimes it’s just that simple…..


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