It’s Not on You it’s Through You

Often, I wonder how many times we hesitate to do things because we aren’t sure if it’s the right time or the right place and that we need a big platform to do the things we were created to do.  I don’t think we have to wait on a special spot light to say “Here I am”!  I think sometimes we have to start right where we are.  I encourage you to not wait for the spot light to shine on you, rather let the light shine through you.

When you are feeling frustrated with what life hands you encourage yourself with the thought that it’s going to take you somewhere.  This is the difficult part cause this is the part that requires faith this is the part of the road that you travel not knowing when, how or with who.  Just know in your spirit you are going to be taken somewhere and that it wasn’t all for nothing.  Life requires us to take the steps which can be slow and mundane, take time to look back to see what you have learned along the way.  It’s all preparation 1 Corinthians 2:9 is clear about this Eye has not seen ear has not heard nor had it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for the that Love Him”…… for me it’s clear there is a plan there is a purpose there is a destiny waiting for you. You are not waiting for it…..take courage and let the light shine through you in all that you do…’s already yours.

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