It’s in the Fine Print

Have you ever made the statement ” I didn’t sign up for this”?  I know,  I have and many times.  I’ll use marriage vows as an example…you know when we say for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. I wonder at what point we understand and mentally register the terms and conditions of this agreement.  I think that they are too often forgotten or that they haven’t quite deeply registered in our minds.  How does that happen? Is it all the preparation and excitement of the occasion?  Does it cause us to miss the promise that we are making?  I am in no way suggesting that we are door mats and tolerate abuse.   What I am saying is take the time to get those words deep into your spirit and understand them….well.

Think beyond  the wedding day because marriage is far from one day its a lifetime and that could be a long long, long  time.  Be prepared to make sacrifices big and small. Be prepared to be flexible and understanding be prepared to give and take.  It runs in cycles of ups and downs , be prepared to be unhappy at times.  You see marriage doesn’t guarantee happiness it , guarantees you work ,and to work together. If you can’t pick up the cross, don’t get in the game.   So proceed with caution and understand the contract your signing.  The next time you say I didn’t sign up for this you actually did, you just missed it …….it’s in the fine print……..

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